A Miraculous Healing of Sight from St. Lucy

Jill Metz is a Catholic convert and an artist. She was on an earlier show on Our Lady and gave info on her ministry that you can still check out at FlameOfLove.com.

An Answered Prayer

As an artist, Jill was asked to paint the cover of a book on Saint Monica. It was at this time that she began experiencing eye difficulty. She started learning and then praying to Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind. Before she even completed a novena to Saint Lucy, her eye problem was resolved.

The Communion of Saints

Jill loves to read about the saints and their heroic examples. Many people have no difficulty in asking others to pray for them, but don't understand that while the mortal body decays and turns to dust, the spirit lives on. The ultimate healer is Jesus Christ, and we cannot worship those who have gone before us. But, as Catholics, we believe that we have a large communion of saints in heaven that we can pray to, a huge heavenly family to draw close to.

The Patroness of the Blind

Saint Lucy was an early Church martyr. Legend has it that her eyes were gouged out; this is why artwork often depicts her with her eyes on a plate. Her Feast Day is December 13th. Devotion to her is so widespread that she is recognized also in the Episcopal and Anglican Church, and (fun fact), an island in the Caribbean was named after her in her honor.

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