To Jesus through Mary: Stories of Conversion with Christine Watkins

Today, we're diving into the story of Christine Watkins, a remarkable Catholic speaker and author who's been through quite a journey. Once a ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet Company and a staunch atheist, Christine's life took a dramatic turn after a miraculous healing from cancer, thanks to Jesus through Mary. She's worked as a grief counselor in hospitals and Director of post-abortion healing.

Early Years

Christine's upbringing was marked by atheist parents who scoffed at Christianity. They taught her that religion was just an illusion. She didn’t know that Easter was a religious holiday until she was sixteen years old. But as she grew older, she discovered Catholicism through a series of life-changing events.

Our Lady's Work

Her website is a testament to her journey and her message. Today, we're focusing on her book, “Of Men and Mary – How Six Men Won the Greatest Battle of Their Lives,” available here.

In her book, Christine shares the stories of six men who found their calling and healing through Jesus and Mary. One of these men is Father Michael Lightner, who grew up immersed in sports in a devout Catholic family. Despite his athletic pursuits, he felt a calling to the priesthood and had several mystical encounters.

During a trip to Medjugorje with his mother, Father Michael experienced a profound moment at a healing Mass led by Father Jozo. God's call to join the seminary became clear, but Father Michael hesitated. He made a deal with God, saying he'd join if after she was prayed over, a paralyzed woman stood up and walked, stopping on a specific tile near him. Miraculously, the woman did just that, leading Father Michael to follow God's call.

Through Christine's stories and reflections, we're reminded that God works wonders through our simple acts of obedience. Her book holds five other inspiring stories, each serving as a testament to the living presence of God and the guiding hand of Our Lady in our lives.

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