Venerable Casimir and Our Lady

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Episode 60 with Dr. Patricia Santy, MD
Dr. Patricia Santy is a retired psychiatrist and engineer, former NASA flight surgeon, feminist, and atheist.

Why is Mary is the most misunderstood gift of our faith?

What is her role and what exactly does Jesus intend for her to do for us since he is God and can do all things?

Fr. Chris Alar explains in the parish mission talk from Mechanicsburg, PA.

Hear things about the Annunciation that you have never heard before and why it was the most important day in human history. Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain what we need to know about this solemnity. Includes answering such questions as is Christmas a pagan holiday? Is the Hail Mary Biblical? Do we worship Mary? and the difference between Mary and Zechariah.