The Mystical Temple of God

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Initially, St. Bernadette's pastor didn't believe that she was seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary appear to her; no doubt it would be a difficult thing to believe!
Father Joe talks in front of the parish church where St. Bernadette was baptized and received her First Holy Communion. 

Father Joe  discusses the wonderful prayer given to the Fatima children by an angel in preparation for Our Lady's apparitions. We need to know God and  believe in Him, so that we can adore Him and love Him. That's the whole purpose of our lives.

When Our Lady appeared to Auguste Arnaud in St. Bauzille de la Sylve, she had a very specific message that can be heeded by all of us.

Father Joe Roesch, MIC, shares this message with us inside the Shrine of Our Lady of Sunday, located in the southeast of France.