Explaining the Faith with Fr. Chris Alar

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Is a greedy person attaches such value to wealth and possessions that the accumulation and retention of them take priority over everyone and everything else, or is it something more? In this episode, Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, defines greed and talks about its various forms, and how we can use generosity to overcome this deadly sin. He also shares the moving story of Dr. John Bruchalski, who through Divine Mercy transitioned from performing abortions to providing free health care and crisis pregnancy support to women in need.

Was Benedict XVI the last real pope?  How are we to understand who Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI really was?  What did he accomplish and what was the controversy surrounding his papacy? Join Fr. Chris Alar as he explains one of the most important persons in Catholic Church history and gives a summary of his teaching.

Are we saved by "Faith Alone?" As Catholics we are told we are not Biblical. Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain why we need the Works of Mercy  to get to Heaven.