Keepin' It Marian

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Why are there more Marian apparitions today than anytime in human history? Hear Fr. Chris Alar give a simple overview of what they are, why they are so important for our times, and how the Church determines what is authentic and what is not. 

Episode 60 with Dr. Patricia Santy, MD
Dr. Patricia Santy is a retired psychiatrist and engineer, former NASA flight surgeon, feminist, and atheist.

Listen in as Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, shares about the man the Marians call Father Renovator.  
In formal portraits, he strikes an imposing figure, with a heavy brow and with piercing eyes that follow you across the room. But then when you open up his 368-page Journal — filled with trumpet blasts of inspiration and rallying cries for renewal — you understand why Blessed George Matulaitis portrait is given prominent placement in every Marian residence around the world. You also understand why his Journal is required reading and why he's the model for the modern Marian.